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Hello there! I’m Siti and so excited to have you here.

A little bit about this blog…

Shimi Sunn is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. I decided to launch this blog to accommodate my hobby. At first, I want to make it as a beauty blog. Then I realize that I love other things too. So I chose to add fashion and lifestyle, and it’s gonna grow into more topics.



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Hey, this is me!



I’m 27 and still enjoying my single life.

I live in Indonesia.

I’m Muslim and I’ve worn Hijab since high school.

I dream to be a novelist.

My so favorite novel is Harry Potter.

Writing is truly I’m passionate about. I love cooking too (for myself ;P).


I love hearing from you guys. If you have questions, requests, or need advice, I encourage you to send me a message. Even it’s only “Hello” from you, I still would reply. Get in touch with me at:




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