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Dress Up for Eid al-Fitr With What You Have in Your Wardrobe + Tips

When I was a kid, my parent always bought me a new dress in every Ramadan. We usually hunted it in the last week of the month. And yeah, almost every store was crowded because it was not something that only our family did.

I could understand why they did that. They wanted to motivate me to do fasting. It was important for kids to receive a real thing as a reward for their effort. But, this habit continues as they grow older. It becomes a tradition in Ramadan. It’s a part of our culture.

Fashion stores will be crowded with people who want to buy new things. They give sale, often big sale to attract more people. Nowadays, it’s not only full in the last week of Ramadan. Even before Ramadan, some people might have their new pairs. It happens in either offline or online store.

It can be a perfect time to add new collections into your wardrobe. You can take advantages of the sale or discount to save money. But if you don’t plan to buy new clothes or maybe don’t have enough money, then it’s totally okay using your old collection.

I’m gonna share some tips on how to style your look for Eid al-Fitr with what you have in your wardrobe.

Emptying your wardrobe

I know, it sounds tired because there is gonna be so many things in your wardrobe. But without doing it, you won’t know things what you have. Sometimes, you forget the existence of your own and might remember when you found it.

It’s also the right time to de-clutter your wardrobe. Yeah, I’m not sure it looks neat if you never re-arrange it. For me, my wardrobe will be in a mess only in a month ^^.

Mix & match

When you de-clutter your clothes, try to mix and match them. You can wear like the old times, or maybe you can try a new style. I believe, your collection will be increased as time goes by and so do your style variation.

Do it in front of the mirror. It’ll be better if you take pictures of it. Why? Because what you see in the mirror will be different from what it looks in real or in photos.

Using Instagram or Pinterest to get inspiration

If you don’t have an idea or want to try a new style, take a look on Instagram or Pinterest. You’ll find a various style to be your inspiration. I personally prefer Pinterest. It has more choice. But, sometimes I also use Instagram.

Just remember that you don’t need to copy their style completely. It’s time to use your creativity. Wear what you have to create a look that resembles them. Don’t add extra expense just to get a look that is exactly the same. You cannot.

I’m not the type of person who likes to buy a new dress in every Ramadan just because of the Eid al-Fitr. It was. But now, I buy new clothes whenever I want. I don’t think about special events like this anymore.

Moreover, Eid al-Fitr is about praying to Allah. We may have traditions that we’ve done for a long time ago. And looking nice and decent may be needed because we’ll meet many people. But, it doesn’t have to be new, does it?


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