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Planning My Day in Ramadan

Happy May everyone!

May has been coming. It’s time to set new goals for this month and also pre-planning my 31 days activities. Not too specific. I only wrote some important things and appointments.

It’s also a special month for me (and Muslims around the world) because Ramadan will be held soon. It’s in a few days later, maybe on 6th. I still have to wait for the announcement from the government for the exact date.

They always say that Ramadan is a holy month and time for Muslim to be more obedient to Allah. Fasting and Tarawih must be done in Ramadan, in addition to the daily praying. And there will be Eid Fitr at the end of the month.

For the last few months, I’m building a habit to fast every Monday and Thursday. But I’m not sure I won’t be shocked when Ramadan is really coming. Fasting for twice a week is different from doing it for every day. I must make a little change into my normal schedule, maybe adding more sleep in the morning (after Suhoor) because I have to wake up very early.

I’ll try to treat it like other days. I don’t want to be lazy all day, postpone my job, and get nothing. I’ll be frustrated if that really happens. So I plan my day. I write it quite precise for this post-purpose, though usually, I’m not. And here it is.



This is the hardest part to do: waking up at dawn. I force myself to be awake before 3 a.m.—2.30 a.m. to be precise. I know. You might be wondering why I should wake up so early.

Well, I can’t eat as soon as I’m awake. I must wait at least 30 minutes before having my meal. During this time, I’ll prepare my suhoor—an easy food that doesn’t need much time. I’ll share with you some of my favorite suhoor recipes next time. The link will be here when it’s ready.

I eat alone in my room. My only friend is my gadget. I’ll turn on my computer to watch a movie or series or sometimes watch TV. Yeah, whatever that makes me stay awake till the pray time. Then I’ll pass out ^^.

Getting up

This will be the second time I wake up. I’ll let myself sleep until 8 a.m. and really start my day by cleaning the room. I live in a very small room so there isn’t much to clean actually.


Doing job

I’m an entrepreneur—being vlogger and blogger—so my job is making content. Writing a blog, shooting video, and taking pictures are some of the works I need to do.

I’ll start with a small task—writing a blog post. Oh, I shouldn’t say that. It isn’t a simple job at all. I even don’t think there is a simple job. I only said it because I’ll stay sitting for about 2 hours. I won’t move around and it’ll save my energy.

Next, I’m gonna make a video. I’m a vlogger, though I’m not sure you want to check my channel out. I speak Indonesian there, but I put English subtitle on the newer videos. But sorry, I’m bad at English. I’m still learning so could you understand me if I make mistakes?

Lastly, taking photos. These images are for my blog, YouTube, and Instagram. Yeah, I want to be active on my social media too. And Instagram is all about pictures. I must take a nice one to build my portfolio there.

Don’t forget to check my YouTube channel and IG account and follow me there! ^^


I think the perfect exercise to do when you’re fasting is yoga. I just do simple postures because I’m still a beginner. I mean I don’t exercise for quite a long time. My body must be stiff. So for the entire month, I’ll do the beginner’s postures.

Shopping and cooking for Iftar

I assume to finish my previous schedule at 2 p.m. then I’ll take a walk to buy groceries and maybe a quick look at the city. It won’t be long because I need to prepare my iftar food.

I like to cook an easy and quick meal. I’m not really good at cooking so prefer simple rather than a complicated one. I’ll share with you some of them on my next post. I’ll link it as soon as it’s available.

Waiting for Iftar

It’s time for resting. I definitely will watch something. My favorite is Korean series but may be different depends on my mood. I’ll use this time well to refresh my mind.


Iftar and Tarawih

You might read on my profile that I live in Indonesia. It’s in equator line so we have almost the same day and night duration. And yes, it’s a tropical country.

We are fasting no more than 14 hours. In my city, the iftar time is beyond 6 p.m. It can be different each day, but the differences are only minutes. Not a big deal.

One hour later, I’m going to the mosque to pray Tarawih. I bet it’ll be full of people there.

Editing video

After getting home, another work will be waiting for me. Yeah, editing video is fun, right? I’ll spend no more than 3 hours this time. If it hasn’t done yet, then I’ll continue tomorrow. I don’t like to use my entire night just to do this thing. It’s bad for my eyes too.


Brainstorming idea then sleep

I like to brainstorm ideas before sleep. My brain works really well at this time. Is that strange?

I always keep my notebook near my bed so it’s easy to grab. Sometimes I use my phone if I’m too lazy to write. Voice note is another choice besides the regular one (typing note).

Then I sleep.


That’s one of my days in Ramadan. I’m working at home so I have flexible time to work. I even have time for shopping and cooking my meal. Yeah, this is the joy of having my own business. I can adjust work to fit the situation. And I don’t mind to work at night too.

I believe it’s happened to be different from yours. Each person has their own circumstances and priorities. Do what you must do. Don’t use fasting as the reason why you fail achieving your goal. Just try to treat it like normal days then there should be no problem.


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