Steal My Look

Steal My Look June #1

Today is the first Sunday after the Eid al-Fitr. And I’m, actually, still at my grandma’s house. I celebrated Eid with her and the other families. It was a bit of chaos because of the family members who are staying here. Oh, my parents also are here. So is my brother.

But, I don’t have another option. It’s a must to spend Eid with the whole family. It’s a tradition. And I don’t have an excuse for this. Not yet.

So I prepare this look before going to my grandma’s.


I don’t usually wear this kind of style. I don’t have confidence before. But a friend told me that I would be good wearing it. Then, why not give a try.

I like the style, especially the string in the front. It gives a very nice look when I tuck in my shirt. It’s still nice even I don’t show it.

And green is one of my favorite colors. This kind of green is also in trend these days. Worth it to buy.


It’s just a normal t-shirt. I usually wear it before covering with coat, blazer, or cardigan. It doesn’t have a long arm so I won’t feel too hot when layering it.

My other option is a black T-shirt.


The first time I saw this coat, I told myself that I must have it. It looked very good, like coat out there wearing by an influencer.

Yeah, it has become my favorite item. I wear them so often. And today’s look is my favorite too that I almost use every time I go out.


Black hijab is my go-to color.


I want to simplify the look by wearing these simple sandals. It’s in beige color and it finishes this look nicely 🙂


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