Steal My Look

Steal My Look June #2

This week is my lazy week. I haven’t recovered from the last holiday and I’m still in the mood to be a procrastinator. So, I guess I can only post outfits for Steal My Look section this month.

Anyways, I make this look so simple. I don’t have the energy to think the complicated look. Here it is.


It’s the second time I wear these pants. It’s not new. I bought it more than two years ago but never use it before. But I like wearing it now.

It’s very comfortable. The material is light and breathable. It’s also not tight so I can move freely. And black is a flexible color to wear, from casual to a formal look.


As I said, I want to make this look simple. I wear this print shirt. It has love pattern print. I know, it’s a little bit girly. But it won’t because I pair it with the pants. It looks more casual now.


I pick the maroon scarf to match the love pattern color.

You can use this trick when you confuse to choose what hijab to wear. Just match it with the pattern color on your shirt.


These beige wedges are my choice to finish this look. Is it good?


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