Steal My Look

Steal My Look June #3

Happy news always brings happiness. No matter when it is delivering, it’s still the happy news. And I’ll be happy about it.

Yeah, the very happy news comes to me this week. It’s a wedding announcement. One of my cousins will be married this year. In two months to be exact. Of course, I’m happy for them though I didn’t like how I found out this news.

Anyways, I want to spoil you with neither my bad mood story nor specific thing about the happy news. I bring this week outfit to you. It’s just a casual look with a simple outfit that will suit the ‘hang out’ situation.


I love wearing black. I feel that it’s the most suited color for me. And black never goes wrong. It can pair with any colors.

This is one of my black jeans. Yes, I have three pairs of them. One is in my hometown (so I can wear them without bringing the others with me when I’m back home) and two others are with me here.

Sure, they have a different style. I won’t buy the exact same item if I’ve already had one. It’s gonna be waste, right?


It’s a sweater, actually, but in light material. I’m not stupid to wear a real sweater in Indonesia. I mean a bulky sweater. It won’t be suited for the climate.

I like the sweater because of the coziness effect it gives. I always want one, and end up having the light version that more fit with the weather.


You will see me more wearing this hijab. As I said, I like black. And I like wearing it for any look. So, don’t be bored seeing me with this hijab color and style 😉


I don’t plan to match these shoes with the sweater just because of their same stripe pattern. I pick the shoes because these are the only black shoes I have. I don’t have plain ones. And it still looks good, right, for this look? 🙂


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