Steal My Look

Steal My Look June #4

Fix! This month is my lazy period. I only write content for Steal My Look, other than that… nothing! It’s because of the Eid holiday. I don’t really recover from that and I don’t know how long this lazy mood will last. I hope not long.

As usual, I create a casual look. This is the style that I’m so confident of so you may see me wearing them in many looks throughout this blog.


This is the only light color jeans I have. The others are in black and blue.

I heard that short people are best suited for dark color pants or jeans. But I feel these jeans suit me well. I feel comfortable wearing it. So I guess it’s totally okay picking light pants or jeans color for people like me.


Black and white t-shirts are must-have items. It gives a proper casual look.

I’m wearing the white one because it’s a good match for the dark blue shirt. Black is too dark for this look.


I really like dark blue color. It really suits me well and gives a nice color for this casual shirt.


Yeah, I match the hijab with the shirt color.


Yes, it’s another dark blue. These shoes will be a good finish for this look. It’s all about dark blue.

Does it look nice? ;D


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