Steal My Look

Steal My Look May #1

Spending weekend with a best friend is my only choice while living in this city alone. Yes, I don’t live with my parents. So, the other option is wasting the weekend in my room, though I’m pretty comfortable to stay inside too.

I usually go with a casual look. I really like this kind of style because it looks relax and ready to have fun. I can understand why I can’t go with it to any formal situation. People will judge my look because I’m supposed to be meaningful there. I mean they expect something from me.

But, casual never goes wrong for just hanging out with friends. You can choose to be ‘so casual’ or ‘not too casual’ depends on your personality and mood… maybe. And this time I chose the second one—the ‘not too casual’ style.

Boyfriend jeans

This is my new favorite jeans this year. I know… It has been in trend for the past few years, but I wasn’t interested in fashion back then. I even thought it wouldn’t suit me because I’m only 5 feet and it would make me look short. Sorry for lacking confidence. I was still figuring out how to be I am now.

Boyfriend jeans are very comfortable. It’s not tight and comes with various styles. What I have now is one of them. I’ve seen the other styles on Pinterest and Instagram wear by fashion blogger or fashion influencer.

Actually, it was my mom’s but she gave it to me. So, it’s mine. That’s why I have to fold the edges. I guess I’m shorter than my mom. Haha…

But hey, it gives me a nice look. By folding the edges a little bit high, I look much taller. That’s a nice trick when you’re not confident enough on your height.

Yellow blouse

Yellow seems to be in trend right now. I see it everywhere from a dress, blouse, pants, skirt, bag, shoes… What else?

That means I should give it a try.

Yeah, I really tried it by buying this blouse. It’s an oversize blouse that comes in yellow color and has a quite long length. I think it’s a perfect choice for hijab woman.

And it makes this look ‘not too casual’ because of the style and its material are more suitable for non-casual condition. But, I can wear anything that I want to wear, right? There is no rule in fashion. I can pair them together and of course, I’m confident about wearing it.

Hijab in black

A must have hijab color is black. It will be fit on any colors and for any situations. If I’m not sure what hijab color to wear, then I’ll go with black. Like this time, I also use black. I think dark green will be perfect too.

It’s a square hijab. You must fold them into a triangle before wearing it on your head. And don’t forget to pin it.

That’s a common hijab style here. You can find it everywhere if you visit Indonesia. It’s simple and very quick to do.

Black-white stripe shoes

I wear these sneakers to complement the hijab. I feel something is missing if I put all items in different colors. I should be at least use two items in the same colors. But yeah, it’s only my feeling. Don’t bother!

I chose the stripe pattern because I want to make it as my statement look. The other items have no pattern so I want to bring attention to my shoes and also me ^^.

Anyway, you can wear any sneakers that you have in any colors.

What do you think about this outfit? Does it fit your style? Tell me about your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you on next Sunday ~~

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