Steal My Look

Steal My Look May #2

How is your Ramadan going? It has been a week since Ramadan was started. But, I’ve only been fasting for two days. You know girl’s stuff.

The weather is really nice here. Not too hot and quite windy. It’s gonna be dry season soon. I hope it can wait till Ramadan’s end because dry season means hot weather. It’s like summer in the four-season country. Maybe hotter.

Today, I play with mainly black color. I know it’s not suitable for the weather. I just want to give you an option on how to wear your black collection.


I think these pants are perfect for an office look or maybe a formal situation, though you can wear it anytime. It’s not tight so it must be very comfortable to go with your day.

My friend said that it isn’t fit for the short girl, like me who’s 5 feet tall (she is too). It makes us look shorter.

Hmm… I slightly agree with her. You must know how to style it so it would make you stand in your own way.

Long shirt

People here called this as manset. Basically, it’s just a long t-shirt in light material. It usually uses as inner before wearing a dress or shirt. So, it’s not proper to only wear this to go outside.


I match my hijab with the rest of the color: black. I think if you put all of your items together in one color, you’ll effortlessly look classy.


This was my mom’s. I found it not long ago in her wardrobe. It doesn’t fit her anymore so I placed it to my closet. And it becomes my collection now.

I like the color. It’s a combination of pink, peach, and purple. Sorry, I’m bad at describing color. I also don’t know how they call this color.

It’s a unique color. I use it as the statement item for this look. It’s obviously the most standing color today.


I wear heels in beige color. It’ll also be nice to wear sneakers or flat shoes. But yeah, I just want to wear these sandals.

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