Steal My Look

Steal My Look May #3

Yesterday was sucked. The electricity was off since morning and because I forgot to charge my laptop, I did nothing. Upss, I mean almost nothing. I still took some pictures.

The weather was no joke. It was pretty hot and the worse was no fan. At first, I didn’t want to take pictures because it was hot inside and outside my room. But I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t just sit or lay on the bed while waiting for the electricity to be on (it was an evening at around 6:20 p.m.).

I took photos for this look. I don’t know it’s suitable for a particular season or not because Indonesia only has two seasons that nearly identical.


It’s a light skirt. I don’t know what it is called. Maxi skirt? I’m not sure. So, sorry.

There was a time when I liked to wear a skirt and this was my favorite. It is still my favorite, actually, though I rarely wear it these days.

I like the color. Maybe I have an interest in dark blue because I have a few items in this color. And I think it’s suited me well. That’s why I bought this skirt.

I also like the style. It has light material so it’ll be fit for hot weather or summer. Moreover, it gives me a very girly look.


Is that strange mix two patterns in one look? I don’t think so.

The skirt has no crowded print so it’s gonna be okay to pair it with this shirt. And it gives me girlier look, I guess.


The shirt is not a long arm shirt. I wear the cardigan to cover my hand and I want my look to be like this. I pick white because the shirt also has a white color on it. It’s a reasonable option.


I use dark blue to match the rest of the items which are also in dark blue. Does that look good?


I wear wedges sandals in beige to give a neutral color here. And also, my sandals collections are in the same color. So, you may see me wearing this color often. No specific reason.

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