Steal My Look

Steal My Look May #4

How is your Ramadan going? It’s the last Sunday in May and also means that the end of the holy month is getting closer. You’re still fasting, right?

There is a tradition during Ramadan: setting up an iftar event. People here will call their friends or acquaintances to gather in a place and do iftar together. I’ve never been one. I prefer spending time with family. And it can be very crowded out there.

But if you like to go to such events, this look can be good. I don’t layer my outfit as the last one, so it should be less hot.


This is another favorite skirt I have. It has light material, so it’ll be nice wearing it on that occasion. Also, I like the color. It’s orange but kinda like a brick color. It’s a unique color.

The skirt defines in A-line. It’s not tight and comfortable to walk around with. Something that I don’t really like is the decoration. I don’t think it’s necessary. But yeah, I don’t change it and keep the original design.


I don’t know how to call this color. Pink? Orange? Or combination both color?

Whatever it is, I like this color. It indeed fits the skirt.


I pick black because I have no suitable color for this look, except black, of course.


I think these sandals would be beautiful to be paired with any ‘skirt’ look. It gives you a girly or feminine look. But if you don’t want to be like that, then go with your shoes or sneakers.

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